Bibliophiles! World’s Biggest ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Book Sale Begins in Dubai

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has begun and how! At least, 3,00,000 bookworms from every corner of the world crawled their way to Dubai for the world’s biggest ever book sale.

Three million books under one roof from various genres will be available at a discount of 50 to 80 per cent for 11 days till October 28th. We wonder if stacked together, would the books beat the height of Burj Khalifa?

From Marvel Comics to Sleeping Beauty; First World War to Paulo Coehlo, name the book and you could seek it here. A special corner has been dedicated for children to bring them out of their world of gadgets.

This is not the first time The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has taken the world of Bibliophile by storm. Earlier in 2009, it was launched in Kuala Lumpur and ever since it has been touring around the world including Jakarta, Manila, Cebu, Colombo, Bangkok and Taipen. Happening for the first time in Dubai, the event is in partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation (MBRF), National Media Council (NMC) and Dubai Production City.

Round the clock, visitors are dropping by the Sound Stage Venue in Dubai Studio City to revive the reading culture in the current digital era.

Overwhelmed by the never-ending stacks of books, people took to social media and posted their jaw- dropping experiences and reactions. Incase, you did not happen to be in Dubai for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, we’ve rounded up experiences by the bookworms for you. Start scrolling.

Here is a video to take you through the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Dubai.

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