Finland Bars Unvaccinated Travellers to Fight Omicron

Finland announced on Tuesday it would block entry for foreign travelers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, as it steps up its fight against the highly mutated Omicron variant.

Only foreign travelers with a negative Covid-19 test who can prove full vaccination or past infection will now be allowed to enter, the interior ministry announced after a government meeting.

A border guard spokesman confirmed to AFP that unvaccinated foreigners would be turned away unless they were on a list of exceptions that includes Finland residents, essential workers, and diplomats.

The measure also affects EU nationals.”Regardless of the foreign citizen’s origin, everyone must present a vaccination certificate and a negative test less than 48 hours old,” said Tomi Kivenjuuri of the border guard.

The measure came into force at 1400 GMT on Tuesday and follows weeks of toughening border measures across the European Union.

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