Happy Hours for Britain’s Bangladeshi-owned ‘Indian Restaurants’

A full meal: Bangladeshi restaurant owners are enjoying something of a bonanza, temporarily, from the government offer of up to 6,000 pounds per business in catering and hospitality for loss of business arising from the current wave of the virus. Most restaurants in Britain describing themselves as Indian are Bangladeshi-owned. This extended furlough will not last long, but then nor does the government believe the virus will.

Digging into paneer: The British have at last discovered the joys of matar-paneer and palak-paneer, the two dishes most likely to win acceptability for North Indian vegetarian cuisine. Possibilities with paneer have topped 250 million views on TikTok, and British tabloids have begun to speak of it as the new Halloumi. Looking for alternatives to meat, paneer is now coming to British minds as to their tables, as it has for Indians for centuries.

Christmas disaster: An Indian restaurant in Manchester is facing a barrage of criticism over Christmas fare served up that was neither very Indian nor very Christmas-like. Chicken and chips were not what some diners were expecting. The restaurant insists that customers were forewarned because traditional Christmas meals were not proving popular. Those who ordered emphatically Indian food appeared to have less to complain about.

Free lunch: Hundreds who were served by the Mumtaz Leeds restaurant over Christmas had nothing to complain about. They were offered meals for free. The restaurant said it gave away 1,200 packed Indian meals for free over Christmas from its restaurant at Leeds Docks. The meal included biryani, chicken curry, raita and pakoras. No surprise that people queued around the block to collect theirs.

Cairn turns Capricorn, drops lawsuits: Indian officials and managers in government-owned banks have breathed deep sighs of relief over reports that Cairn Energy, now known as Capricorn, has begun to withdraw lawsuits to seize Indian government-owned assets to recover its dues. This follows an agreement under which the Indian government has agreed to give back a billion dollars taken from the company earlier in retrospective taxation.

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