Here are Four Poems Penned by PM on Kargil, Love, Calamity and Being Hindu

Editor’s note: Narendra Modi is generally known for his debating skills and oratory talents with which he has won several elections in his long political career. However, ever so often, the prime minister also shares his poetry on social media. He is, in fact, a published poet, and his book of poetry A Journey: Poems by Narendra Modi which was published in 2014 deals with all the same themes that we also find in his political campaigns — like that of Hinduism, and nationalism. Moving beyond that, the book also presents a rare glimpse of the PM’s connection with nature, and his insights on love, hope, and calamity. It was originally written by him in Gujarati and was later translated in English by Ravi Mantha. On his 70th birthday, here are some the poems by the prime minister for you to read:

Ode to Love

In the moment I became aware of you

In the serene Himalayan forest of my mind

A wildfire began, in raging earnest.

When I set eyes upon you

A full moon rose in my mind’s eye

The smell of sandalwood, of a tree in full bloom.

And then at last when we met,

Every pore of my being was filled, with fragrance

beyond compare.

Our separation has melted the peaks of my joy.

The fragrance turned into searing heat

That burns my body, reduces my dreams to ashes.

The full moon sits on the far bank

Relentlessly cold, gazing at my plight.

Without your tender presence

On the ship of my life

No captain have I, no rudder.


The river, once graceful, a maiden in her first flush of youth

Is today a snarling lioness.

In spate, she lurches in insolence

Loses her inhibitions, pours out her anger

Sweeping away all in her path.

This river, when calm, a gentle life-giver,

Does she not see her own destructive power?

Whole villages washed away in her fervour

Bodies of the drowned floating downstream

Breaths expelled in one last scream

This power of Nature, a destructive reminder

To man who tries to shape her.

She has the last word.

Proud, as a Hindu

I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.

When it wells up, I feel vast, an ocean

My faith is not at the expense of another’s

It adds to the comfort of my fellow man.

Only that man’s companionship I like

Who is filled with the warmth of devotion

Where the Narmada’s water flows like lifeblood,

I am a dewdrop on a flower.

I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.

Even though the eye looks small

Its capacity for sight is vast indeed

One religious sect is not my street

Diverse my school of learning

Innumerable suns, clouds, planets, galaxies, in my sky,

I am but a moon.

I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.


I remember the innocence of Kargil

In an earlier time, I had seen

Tiger Hill as just another peak

At that time

The great mountain king’s white solitude

I had imbibed to my heart’s desire.

But today

Each one of the snow-crowned peaks

Roar, with echoes of the bombs, the guns.

On this slate of ice,

Like hot and burning coals

I saw our soldiers, our men.

Here, every soldier

Was a farmer

Sowing his own seed today

And irrigating it with blood.

So that our tomorrow

Does not wilt.

I saw in the soldiers’ eyes

Rising out of the mist

A hundred crore dreams

Their own eyelashes like strings

Holding the God of Death tightly

In their mind’s eyes, I saw our brave men

I felt the presence of Yamraj[1]

Prostrate, kissing the feet

Of our valiant.

The searing heat of their valour

Melts the ice, into a cool mountain spring

And in the spring’s flow down the peaks

I heard the distinct notes of a tune.




And from that spring’s womb


I felt the true meaning of the song,

Vande Mataram.

The following poems have been published with permission from Rupa Publications.

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