Naseeruddin Shah Releases Book Based on House Hunt in Delhi

Actor Naseeruddin Shah on Monday released a novel “The Glass House: A Year of Our Days” recounting a couple’s search for a house in Delhi and also read some of its excerpts.

Advertising professional Chanchal Sanyal’s debut novel about the “thriving, bustling, modern megapolis” of Delhi, the book, (184 pages/Rs 295/Rupa Publications) has the tale of Delhi running parallel to the account of a yuppie couple’s pursuit of a home they could call their own.

Written from the perspective of Monojit Bhaduri (abbreviated as MB in the book), a Bengali college professor in his 30s, it is a story that is a dark, comical take on the city.

“The book looks into the ‘makaan’ part of ‘roti, kapda, makaan’, and how we equate a house with achievement and happiness,” Sanyal said at the launch.

The book traces the downhill journey of MB’s life, as unable to afford a house in the capital, he zeroes on one in Gurugram but is construction screeches to a halt.

The fragility of his dream, and its unshielded truth, creates a house of glass for the protagonist — utterly transparent and threatening to break at the drop of a hat.

The Gurugram-based Sanyal described the housing situation in the adjoining Haryana city as “a stage that has been set; but while it’s halfway done, the curtains have been raised.”

Shah, who was a resident of Delhi in his student days, recounted his experience of the city, while reading his favourite excerpts from the book.

The book meanwhile looks into the ideals of middle-class urban happiness, and leaves the reader with the question: Has Delhi had enough?

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